10 Vastu Tips For House Design 

10 Vastu Tips For House Design 

You consider a lot of things, like the house’s location, layout, and intended usage, before building or purchasing it. Before purchasing or building a home in India, Vastu is considered to be the single most crucial aspect. Even if you don’t have an educational background in Vastu, these ten pointers will help you figure out how to build a Vastu tips house design.

1. Vastu Tips For House Design: Main Entrance Placement

Vastu Tips For Main Entrance

The entrance of the home is open to all the energy and people we host. It’s a very crucial step, according to Vasu Shastra: the home entrance should be on the north, east, or northeast side. This creates an environment where positive energy can freely enter the house. It is advisable to follow this vastu tip for house design to avoid placing the main entrance in the south or southwest direction, as this may result in potential financial and health-related concerns. 

2. Vastu Tips For House Design: Living Room Arrangement 

Vastu tips for Living Room

From the entrance, we lead to the living room, and it should also be placed in the directions of north, east, northwest, and northeast. If the dining is joined in the living, then the dining should be placed towards the southeast or east. It should be near the kitchen. Through this Vastu tip for house design, you can promote pleasant social relationships and a sense of belonging among family members. 

3. Vastu Tips For House Design: Kitchen Design 

vastu tips for Kitchen Design 

The kitchen is the most utilized yet vital spot in any home; there you cook what you eat, and for mothers who are the house power engine, it’s their favout12345rite place. It should be located in the southeast direction of the home. This direction is related to the fire element, through this vastu tip for house design. The environment in the kitchen should be clean and positive, as it affects the health sector. 

4. Vastu Tips For House Design: Color Scheme 

Vastu tips for Color Scheme 

Vastu in the home is also linked to the colors we employ; they influence our energy, stars, and mood; so, it is critical to choose color through this vastu tip for a house design for walls and furniture, choose calming and harmonic hues like light blues, greens, yellows, and earth tones. Refrain from overusing strong, dark hues like red and black, as they can give the impression of unbalance.

5. Vastu Tips For House Design: Pooja Room 

Vastu tips for Pooja Room 

The placement and color of the pooja room need to be very particular, as the prayer room needs to be in the northeast direction of the home. It promotes harmony, love, and prosperity in the home. The colors should be earthy tones or white for peace and devotion. 

6. Vastu Tips For House Design: Bed and Locker Placement 

Vastu tips for Bed and Locker Placement

The bedroom bed arrangement is thought to have an impact on harmony and sleep. The bedroom bed should be arranged so that the headboard faces either east or south. This alignment promotes deep sleep and increases the flow of good energy. Since this Vastu tip for house design can prevent -generating negative energy, keep the bed away from sharp corners and beneath beams. The money locker should be kept in a southwest direction to attract money, prosperity, and positive money flow. 

7. Vastu Tips For House Design: Natural Light and Ventilation 

Vastu tips for Natural Light and Ventilation 

It is very important to have an air element in the home for the flowing energy. The house should have open windows and balconies. The sunlight brings freshness and hope. Blinds and curtains should be in place to maintain privacy. 

8. Vastu Tips For House Design: Clutter-Free Spaces 

Vastu tips for Clutter-Free Spaces 

The house should be designed in a way that clutter is not made; the flow of energy stops if there is a lot of clutter in the house. The placement of the furniture should be minimalistic and should not come in the way of walking, as in vastu it is considered a hindrance. 

9. Vastu Tips For House Design: Balanced Elements 

Vastu tips for Balanced Elements 

 There are four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. And if we look closely, all four elements are at home. To balance these elements, the washroom (water element) should not be near the kitchen (fire element). Through colors and textures, woods, earthy tones, and material elements of texture should be incorporated. 

10. Vastu Tips For House Design: Artwork 

Vastu tips for Artwork 

 The artwork should be subtle and positive on the different walls of the house; it should not be negative or violent, as it creates a negative aura around the house and breaks the energy flow. Infuse your personal belongings into the house through Vastu tips for house design as they will incorporate a sense of belonging and love.

Having a home is a special feeling, so make it through Vastu tips for house design.  As home is a home and at the end of the day, we all want to go home. 

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